Tuesday, July 25, 2017

AMIIBO Training Tier List

**UPDATED 07/26**
-Guys, I may be doing guides for the new amiibos Corrin/Bayonetta/Cloud, I have ordered them and they will be arriving in a week or so. Let me know if you still frequent this website and would like to see those. You can also check out my tournament series, it's on hiatus for now, but I promise I will come back to it soon.. the preseason for Amiibo Wars Season 6, you can check it out here! If you are new to Amiibo Wars, start from the beginning! Amiibo Wars will give you a good idea of how I put my amiibos in every situation possible, to best gauge their effectiveness and strengths/weaknesses.

-To the people asking me about my opinions on special movesets, I don't test these so if you aren't using vanilla amiibos, I can't really make any comments or suggestions because your amiibos aren't going to play the way mine do.

-I'm currently not updating my tournament series, but I may come back to it sooner rather than later, I'm just waiting for that urge of creativity to start writing again. But I will try to do the guides for the new amiibos if there is demand for it. Thanks for the support guys! My blog has officially been out for 2 years now!! That is crazy to think about.

-MARIO/DR. MARIO Moved Down, Guides Revised!
-PAC-MAN/PIKACHU/META KNIGHT Moved Up, Guides Revised!
-SHIEK/DIDDY KONG/R.O.B/RYU Moved Up, Guides Revised!

-LUCAS Guide Added!
-MEWTWO Guide Added!
-RYU Guide Added!
-ROY Guide Added!

(All currently released amiibos have been reviewed. Some rankings are subject to change as I further develop my amiibos.)

My Tier List is based on "Vanilla" Amiibos (Meaning No Equipment). I prefer to score amiibos based on their raw potential without equipment added. My Amiibo Tier List was the first on reddit and I've been developing it since March 2015. First off I want to explain my intention for making my guides. I've seen a lot of in depth guides on reddit for training specific amiibo and what moves/combos to use when training. If you want a guide for fighting amiibos vs eachother then this is the guide to read. Aside from that, I will also give a basic guide on what skills/combos they will actually use/prioritize. Not everyone who uses amiibos can do pro level combos, so I want to give everyone a basic guide you can use no matter what your skill level is, to help improve your amiibos performance. Also I want to inform you of the issues you may face when training them, which could lead into you having to reset them. Though you want them to play exactly like you, the thing you have to understand about amiibos is that they will pick up on things you do, but they are only going to use what works for them. A lot of these guide creators don't realize half the combos you teach them, the amiibos will not use at all. Amiibos will not do combos unless they are true combos. (A True Combo is a combo that cannot be air dodged.) Meaning if you do a combo that works on reading your opponent's movements, amiibos will not bother with this because the probability of it getting air dodged by their amiibo opponent is sky high. Check out my Fatal Five Amiibo Traits That Can Make or Break Amiibo Fights!

This is a list based on who I personally believe are the best amiibo when considering skill sets/effectiveness/ai and overall adaptability. From what I have gathered in my training, some amiibos just aren't as good as others for multiple reasons and I thought I would share what I've gathered with those of you who may be new to amiibos or curious to see if the one you're after is worth getting and training. I have spent hundreds of hours working with amiibos/training them and figuring out what's great and what's not so great about each amiibo I own. Once again, I don't feed any equipment to them, so it's purely off their skills and the bonuses they get to their damage output regularly. Keep in mind these are just my opinions from what I've seen and struggled with in my training of amiibos personally. Once again, amiibos will not combo perfectly the way you want them to, they take what you teach them and will use (sometimes abuse) what works best for them and is most efficient for them to win games. I've watched how they react in most situations and my guides are to give you an idea of what you can expect them to use when you are training them. Some moves/combos amiibos will never do no matter how many times you spam it, because it's too risky or has less effect than others.

I've split the amiibo into four groups.OVERPOWERED/STRONG/AVERAGE/WEAK, based on the effectiveness of the amiibo. OVERPOWERED amiibos are true terrors that are amazing in many areas, have a skill set that can handily destroy almost all amiibos and will rarely drop a game if trained properly. VERY STRONG amiibos show consistent patterns of dominance among the majority, but may have a flaw or weak matchups that keep them from being the absolute best. STRONG amiibos are all around great additions and have skill sets and an ai that are top notch. These amiibos typically have a little extra something that sets them apart as an amiibo, have many advantages and are effective in most situations. AVERAGE amiibos are good additions and have lots of potential, but also have minor flaws that may keep them from being great. WEAK amiibos have multiple flaws in their AI or skillset which can be game breaking or ruin them all together. This may require you to reset them and start over.(Probably more than once :/) Keep in mind, I think every amiibo has potential to be great if you put the work into them. (Aside From Samus :/) Even if I have them low, that doesn't mean they aren't worth putting effort into. Some of my personal amiibos that I have placed in the weak tier actually do really well but it took a lot of work to get them to that point. Below is my list, click the picture of the character you are interested in for a basic guide and tips for training them. Each tier is in no particular order.









Cloud9_987's Amiibo Dojo
(Prominent Reddit Trainer, their focus is hands on training and detailed character guides)

Amiibo Royale
(Youtube Videos about testing amiibos, posts some very interesting stuff)